Aesthetics Promoters

Before Beginning: 

First off, we're excited that you'll be joining us today for this opportunity! Let's begin. As mentioned, being a promoter means getting an item every month you can claim. But before, we must test if your page is qualified. To pass, your pass your page must generate at least one sale minimum from a product that's ONLY one dollar. If you bring us sales, we'll supply you the items to do so. REMEMBER: We just need at least one sale to be on your record so if all else fails, that one dollar can come from you!


Step 1 (Test Product to Promote)

So depending on who follows you / who your following, will determine the item you'll be testing to promote. The two options we have for you to promote is a Rose Hat, or a Wednesday Addam's Pin. This is so we have a product for both the "BadVibe" and "Aesthetics" in our name! Only chose ONE to post. These both will only cost $1.00 and will include a subscription to access to similar items once a month!

Step 2 (How To Promote)

All we need you to do is post a certain picture we'll provide below of the product you decide on choosing. All that's left to do is:

- Put the item link in your bio where "website" is located so the link is clickable! (depending on the product you chose) :

Rose Hat:

Addam's Pin:

-Post the photo provided of the product (depending on the product you chose) :

Rose Hat: 

Addam's Pin: 


-Put one of these captions on the photo (depending on the product you chose) :

Rose Hat: 

Keep the sun out of your eyes and cool with our rose hat! @badvibeaesthetics is giving away hats for $1 TODAY ONLY! 🌹 Check out my bio for the link to the page! 💫


Addam's Pin: 

Guys & Ghouls 🖤! @badvibeaesthetics is giving away this pin for $1 TODAY ONLY! 🔮 Check out my bio for the link to the page 💫


-Tag us is in the photo

Step 3 (Finalize)

So now that you've completed all the steps, message us that you've in fact completed the steps. 

All that's left to do is just leave the post up for 24 hours, and once it's reached the time, you can take it down. Finally, when you do take it down, message us that you are done and we will give you a report and results of how well your page did!


If there is confusion, please message us back through Instagram regarding your questions.